Monday, March 7, 2011

Tassel Envy!!

The Oscar's are no longer buzzing yet I can't stop thinking about Oscar winner Natalie Portman and her Tiffany burgundy tassel earrings, LOVED THEM! Who wouldn't?
It got me thinking about tassels, my mom recently visited Morocco and brought me a few in gorgeous colors, I must say that they decorate my house in a clean and chic manner. I use them on door knobs, in my closet and if I'm throwing a dinner party, I use them as napkin rings. They do the job perfectly and keep it fancy. From experience if you're creative enough you can use them everywhere, the great thing about them is their color and sleekness!  You can color coordinate them with your color concepts or even give them as a gift with a little note at a baby shower or bridal shower. Use them as seating cards, then each guest gets to keep them!
Instyle mag shows us how to make Natalie Portman's Tassel earrings, nothing like DIY!
 It feels even better than buying them!
Find out how to make them here!

From the runway

who could resist these? who?

Or these? def not me!

From the runway to the table!

To the bedroom!

they are everywhere

As a centerpiece!

where would you use them?

lovely images by Instyle mag, Vanessa+Valentine, weheartit, google

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