Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rainbow SUNDAY!!!

The gorgeous weather today got me thinking, I'm always trying to find the perfect color combinations for entertaining when it hit me, why can't I use them all? Sipping my latte and getting a suntan at the local Starbucks, made me inspired in all colors. Sometimes we don’t want to be restricted with a certain color palate and wish to use all colors of the rainbow! This is that kind of Sunday!
The sun in my face, the cool breeze brushing my hair, the smell of spring and
enjoying quality time with the hubby, rainbow style!
Have a happy Sunday lovlies!!

 How stylish is this Table Couture? so much fun!! easy going, not too serious..

 Looks yummy, feelin like some froyo!

country style with a twist!

 nothing like el fresco!!

 Isn't this such a cute kitchen?

what did you think?

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