Thursday, March 3, 2011

Table Couture 101

Napkin Rings!!

Truthfully we shouldn't underestimate the power of these little guys.
We work so hard on creating the perfect table and forget that these objects often "close the deal".
They work diligently creating a closure to the design concept without asking anything in return!
Now seriously, napkin rings tie all elements of design onto the plate, creating an ambience of dinner around your lap.  If you're creative enough they often add a few minutes of humor and "buzz" around them. I love their contribution, whether its
Humoristic, classy, rustic or sassy, they each have a say.
My favorite kinds are the DIY ones.
These little guys' show that the host has really put a thought into the dinner and outlined the concept into all the small details; REGAL!!

be creative use feathers, ropes, door knobs. sea shells. ribbons or anything else...

Feeling special is the bestess!  It makes dinner even better!

images by camillestyles, google, weheartit and marthastewart

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  1. I love the bent/wrapped fork napkin ring! Nice collection...



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