Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's a ROYAL week my princesses!!!

Who said a commoner cant marry a prince? dreams do come true, You go Kate!!!!

With royalty in mind until the wedding is over let's get a little inspired by lush burgundy fabrics, much bling and shiny crowns (which make everything glamourous)  and  try to lighten up the stuffy old stereotype with new interpretations to regal and royal…I have a feeling that K. Middleton will bring the aspect of style and glam to the old British monarchy…
Who said royalty has to be dull? Check out my previous Royal Couture post 
This is how Im watching the wedding!!!

                                                  love the blues against the rich burgundy!!!

                                              Isn't this room amazing...love the dark deep blue

                                        Ummm..... wow!!! this is where im napping are you comming?
royal glam via weheartit

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