Monday, March 28, 2011

Royal Couture!!

Sometimes we want to feel special, royal!! Just like the upcoming royal wedding festivities!
In this case, why not throw a regal dinner party? It's easier than you thought…
First pick your bestess tablecloth, preferably an ivory or beige thick cloth with gold accents. Then take out your best china, and everything you think goes with the concept….
Even if it doesn’t match at first a little spray paint will do the job perfectly…trust me I always repaint stuff around the house to match the concept…sometimes when you wish it matched it can! My husband goes on weekly trips to our local home center for spray paint!!! He thinks I'm crazy, but I call it art!
Want to create a knight's table effect?
Put together side by side two of those folding tables and create a large square for 8.
The never ending feeling is created by the wideness that this setting gives you.
Macro décor- tall candle votives and chandeliers
Micro décor- low flower arrangements with red and burgundy, along with small candles. Also if you have anything with a monogram in the house use it (very royal!!)
Use one color on the table, such as ivory with golden accents on the tableware; you can break the colors with some reds and burgundy adding flowers on the chandeliers.
To create the same chair effect, use burgundy chair covers
For fun, add "pimp cups" and fake crowns, make it a feast!
Create a royal menu and vual'a!
here are a few inspiration pics;

images by google

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