Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drunken Thursdays!

 One of the lessons I learned as a hostess is that in order for the dinner to be successful you must pamper your guests with yummy booze… getting them tipsy is an essential part of the hosting experience, it promotes great conversation, mouth watering appetite, and most important a successful and fun night….
When I plan the menu I usually think about a good drink to go with it….during our honeymoon in gorgeous Thailand I drank the best Lychee mohito ever!
I gotta share it with you, its one of those things that you gotta try.
It is amazing!! goes great with a savory meal, or tapas….
First of all prep the cup (little tip! I put my cups in the freezer an hour before the guests arrive, nothing like drinking from a frozen cup, trust me)
When the guests arrive take the cup out of the freezer and put a nice amount of mint leaves on the bottom…
If you have fresh lychee great, if not used a canned one and sticktwo lychees through a cinnamon stick. Put 2 wedges of lime  in the cup…with a little ice. Personally I like to crush a lychee on the bottom with the mint…
As a mojito lover I always have this around, makes my life easier
Then, ad into a shaker 2 oz. of Bacardi light rum, club soda, lychee syrup (from the can),
Now—shake shake shake  shake shake shake it baby
I must say that the cinnamon stick gives the drink a personal touch while serving as a mixing stick and adds 
be creative with the serving options...I love these silver cups...
                                 I dont know about you but im off to make me one of these.....

images via weheartit and google

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