Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Color Madness!

Remember those days when we used to match colors to make it work?
Well, news flash-It's NEON Madness!
Whenever I want to get inspired while staying trendy I always look at the runway…
Spring and summer 2011 collections are characterized by bright, strong and contrasting colors which surprisingly work!
Its funny how years ago we would say "I will never ever where that" yet today we embrace the change… in order to translate fashion into Table Couture, be creative. This trend is very pocket friendly, allowing you to use a little bit of everything you have lying around the house without emptying your pocket!
Wrap old shoe boxes for color and height and create centerpieces on cake stands…before I rush to buy stuff I always check out what I have and how it can serve my current obsession, trust me I save a lot…
For a cheap and colorful look combine seasonal flowers with colorful fruits and vegetables!

This is the inspiration pic:
Gucci- Summer 2011


use all kinds of plates, cups and utensils!!
                                                                   everything goes...

                                                        Use flowers, and fruits for pops of colors

These fabric tassels will add some color when you feel like white with twist

images via pinterest,weheartit and google


  1. Great post! I saw the same "Color Blocking" in a makeup trend class just yesterday... :)



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