Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Muse!

Trying to set  the tone for this week. With all that's going on in Japan, I had a hard time getting inspired today, I see the images all day and it's horrific. It puts everything in proportion; it makes you understand where we stand against the forces of nature…
With that and St. Patty in mind, this week I'm sending much much much much luck to Japan, and their great culture…. With much respect to the values of the Japanese people I have decided on an infused (Japanese-Irish) inspiration board.  I was thinking of starting a weekly post about other cultures and how they entertain…were somewhat stuck on the impression that are way is the best way! I feel that these days the world is a global village and we should benefit from all countries, just like a pot luck  (my favorite)!!!
The secret is not overdoing it, you need to find the right balance between both cultures so looks and feels effortless without trying to create a themed night. It's a win-win situation, taking the best of everything!
What do you think? Should I start a weekly fusion post?

The little touch in the Japanese lanterns create a twist

Don't you just love the eco-friendly feel using this F&K?

Thought this was extremly cute! love pastels...

Eco-friendly Japanese patio

images by marthastewart, weheartit, google

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  1. ive always loved that table ~ in my fave color too!



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