Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Culinary Tuesday- mastering the art of entertaining!

This post  will def raise my entertaining bar in a few levels... 
With spring around the corner and the sun shining this drink will knock your socks
Off!!!  It's a burst of minty freshness, juicy lemonade and a color that inspires!!!
I prepare this mint- lemonade almost on a daily basis, its addictive (you'll see) and the compliments are aplenty!
By the way, I started using mint in almost all my dishes and I must say that it upgraded my life…don’t be shy use it in chicken, salads drink, or even in a pitcher of water. In the summer I wash some mint and fill mu ice maker (the old school trays) with a leaf in each and once it freezes I put them in a pitcher of lemonade or water! The sight is gorgeous but the taste is even better! You can also add raspberries (to the ice trays) for a sweeter addition.
Another alternative is to serve this as an iced drink rather than the blended version, both ways are great!
Martha Stewart –The QUEEN of hosting, mastered the art of frozen eye candy (see DID below)…trust me you'll love it!
Call it LEMONANA!!
What you'll need:
Handful of mint
Your favorite lemonade
Blend it all together and Voual'a
P.S Remember- Always keep it fancy, for the final touch, add a sugar rim, so it's even sweeter!
This is what it's suppose to look like

                                                                Non blended version

                                          DID Frozen Eye candy by Martha see here

                                                      Raspberry ice cubes, isn't it gorgeous?

Images by marths stewart and google

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