Sunday, February 6, 2011

Moroccan recipes as promised


Hope you all have a great week, filled with inspiration and excitement. This recipe is called the "3 Hour tomato bliss salad", at the beginning, middle and end you just feel like taking a piece of bread/baguette/cracker whatever is in your radius and dipping it into this delicious goodness, red velvety tomato salad!

You will need 15 soft tomatoes
4 cloves of garlic crushed
1 red bell pepper
1 jalapeño aka jala (add if you want more heat)
Salt, pepper, paprika and olive oil

I'm known for my easy recipes.....I love everything Fast, Fresh, Delish and Fancy- FFDF!

-so take the tomatoes rinse them well and cut the front
-take all the tomatoes (or a few at a time) and blend them until they are crushed/ pureed
-put the tomatoes in a pot
-clean the bell pepper and jalapeno and crush them as well (put in pot)
-Don't do anything with the garlic yet!
- So, recap...crushed tomatoes, bell peppers and jala are in the pot. Now, we need to bring everything to a boil, we are taking out the water and fluids from the pot, it takes about 40-45 min, stir often so it won't stick to the bottom. GIVE IT SOME LOVE; this is where it starts (lol)

-after the fluids are gone you add oil (half a cup), 1 tea spoons of salt, a dab of pepper and the garlic. ohhh and don't forget the paprika 1 1/2 tablespoons of sweet paprika. Put it on a low flame

-now is the waiting stage and more love giving! Stir occasionally

Let it sit approximately for 2 hours on a low flame, watch the tomatoes caramelize and become burgundy red, velvety red!!!!!!! Now the salad looks more like a paste, it's supposed to be thick and chunky. If you want to be less chunky add some water.

Serving suggestions;

You can put it on some sliced baguettes as an appetizer, serve it as a salad for a meal, or put it in a sandwich!

But before you can do that it will be gone

Psssstttt… a tip for women on the go..U can substitute real tomatoes with two canned tomatoes but use the good kind!

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