Friday, April 15, 2011

Coachellen Chillen- Spring picnic fet’e

Hey there loves!!!

sorry for my disappearance this week, was busy with life and didn't find the proper inspiration. 
but Im back!
 Coachella music fet’e calls for a picnic fet’e!! 
Coachella is my official mark to start  picnic season. 
Who can resist a great picnic basket?
Great company, Great cheeses, crackers and dips with a super chilled white wine....

So these are the picnicssentials;

start with a fierce and fashionable picnic blanket which sets the tone and concept.....create your own PICNIC one said that each basket should look the same right? Add some of your own stylish tableware for 4, everything tastes better when you share….

 add a few mouth watering tapenades, delicious crusty bread (I love olive bread),
great garlic and chive butter, some cheeses and of course don’t ever forget the bubbly or my favorite a  good white zinfendel...and your set

Coachellen = total outdoor bliss

Have fun…..I know I will

these are a few of my fav to make my own before I leave

My kind of picnic couture

Happy Coachellen!!!

have a great weekend....relax and have fun life is hard enough....

pics via weheartit

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