Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Smelling the weekend!!

Hello there!

Hope all is well, and if it isn't the weekend is around the corner,  (love it!). I'm developing a great appetite to interiors, entertaining and transforming my house into a boutique hotel!. Very excited for valentine's day! it will be our first valentine's as  newlyweds.  We are throwing a Brunch in honor of the day of love.

My mother is originally from Morocco and these past few weeks she had been teaching me the most delish recipes... I  invited my parents for dinner on Friday night, so I will make my first attempt in Moroccan love for entertaining and tablescaping is growing and I came across a beautiful new magazine called, HIGH GLOSS MAGAZINE, one word! amazing!!! refreshing interiors with bold colors, brilliant design and most important, pages and pages filled with superb chicness in every home and Lifestyle aspect. All this inspires me more....keep you posted this weekend! xoxo

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