Sunday, February 20, 2011

Plate Inspiration

Like many of you, I get inspired by random things during the day!
The smallest piece of fabric, runway picture or a random object pumps the creative juices in me! Building inspiration can derive from any object we have around us. Today I'm inspired by plates! The variety of character each plate consists of, creates an effect on the color combination, attitude and concept of each table décor. The right plating and décor can make the difference between an ok table and a stunner. Like us, each plate conveys its own story and "personality". The art of the hostess is to combine all elements into an organic flow.

BTW don't you just love using those 3 tiered stands! they are so useful they might even be worth a full post!
During the week they hold my fruits and lemons on the counter and when I have guests they hold desserts, snacks and more! it keeps it fancy!

Plates by weheartit

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