Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Week-New Muse!!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!

Well, I'm getting ready for the Valentine brunch were having this week! It's gonna be a stunner, I designed and made a tablecloth inspired by the "Black Swan" Movie...It's a ruffle bliss!! That's all I have to say...I will post some teasing pics soon. Truthfully, I'm a little tired of all the pink and red lately, so I decided to start this week with a gold and turquoise inspiration, and the creative juices in me are pumping....thinking about a new table couture, with a new menu and table decor!

Even though this color combination is very summery,  there is nothing wrong with a good tan, tapas and lounge music even in a cold or snowy day!!! were bringing summer vibes into the winter ...
BTW aren't peacock feather gorgeous? I should start combining them in my table decor...

much love,


images by weheart it

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