Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hungry Tuesdays....

I'm in love with the blogging world! Hope you are fond of my posts, I would love to get your feedback...  I thought  would get creative just to keep things excited. so every Tuesday will be known as "Hungry Tuesdays!" I will be posting scrumptious recipes and mouth watering images to get your taste buds running into the week!

As you know I'm a strong believer FFDF (fast, fresh, delish, and fancy) so here it is... (Btw, "Hungry Tuesdays" will not stop me from posting other delish recipes, it's just a commitment!)

Moroccan Olives

-2 handfuls of black Moroccan olives or green olives (or whatever you like)
-Chopped basil/ cilantro/parsley -whatever is in the fridge
-Slice a half a lemon and cut into quarters...
- You can add Harissa if you have some or some red pepper flakes
- 2 tbs of olive oil (don't be cheap! pour with love)

This is the end result!

 An Olive Souk for inspiration! Olives go great with a good feta cheese and some sesame crackers! yum


                                                                      Should we dine here?
                                                                      Or perhaps here?
                                      Ding, Ding Ding!!! the winner, with nature as a centerpiece and
                                                     keeping it fancy with the chandlier! love it!

     I would choose a simple table couture; these moroccan infused placemats
     and simple petite forks and knives!  don't forget a good red win, and there you have it, appetizer in a        second!

Gotta love FFDF
always keep it fancy!

images by google, weheartit

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  1. Beautiful settings. The olives sound wonderful!! Congrats on Do-ing!



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