Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fruits Galore!

Hello Loves!!
As a hostess (yes after throwing a few dinner parties, I think I can be called one!) or when throwing a party I tend to sit down and think about the most creative ways in which I can create a wow effect. I start creating inspiration boards, search the web, visit stores and frankly get a little crazy in the pursue of that effect!
Well my lovelies, the answer is in our fridge or on our counter……fruits! Vegetables! And a lot of them!
Combining fruits and veggies into our table décor is the easiest way to achieve a fresh, clean and colorful look.  Using apples, oranges, strawberries, lemons, lime and all firm fruits can create a chic look with a lower cost, and above all it makes your creative juices flow! They create an appetite and convey a luscious, home goodness, and down to earth feeling. You should use the fruits that are in season cause like us they look their best when they are happy to be here!

images by martha stewart and weheartit

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