Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday Fet'e!!

Hey Peeps!!!

This weekend we had a couple of friends over...
Inspired by the Oscar colors of gold and black I created this Table Couture by sewing this beautiful sparkling black tablecloth.
This fabric isn’t usually used as a tablecloth yet I love using non-traditional fabrics and use them as beautiful palettes for my tables  (a little secret; so many friends are convincing me to start selling them!!)
The branch was found near my house and painted in gold spray paint. I just fell in love with the way it arches in a natural way don’t you? The beautiful roses are from my garden and the menu……ahhh it  was exquisite!

Keep in mind that the concept of the dinner was an Oscar wine party, hence the combination of raw materials found in nature with a little Oscar touch by combing the glamourous black and gold!! I think that combing non related objects and materials creates a look that is fresh and effortless, just like saying "oh, i just through this dress on and left the house!" 

The first course (in pic): 3 Hour tomato salad bliss (recipe in previous posts) served with a spicy beef Moroccan cigar!

Main course: Lamb in a red wine & vegetable roots sauce served with wild rice and mashed sweet potatoes!!!

Dessert: chocolate mouse topped with sugar covered pecans served with refreshing mint tea.

Enjoy and tell me what you think good or bad....


1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    I want to give you an honest opinion. I love the centerpiece!!!!! You did a great job on that. Also the black material used for the table cloth was very elegant especially with the gold chargers but I won't think I would have used them together because each kidda stand on their own and its two different feelings elegant and rustic. though the roses soften the branch. I would of gone all the way elegant or all the way rustic. But thats just me playing it safe all the time ( not sure if thats a good thing!) A thought next time spray paint the branch gold or a silvery gold. I admire you creativity, I also love to set beautiful tables. Keep on creating
    You are doing a great job!!!!



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